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This section will be where we will either post links or create comments with how to articles and general information.

Don’t forget to post your tech questions on the comments! If the club as a whole does not know how to fix your car, you’re in for some serious fun.

Tech Links:

There is zero point in re-inventing the wheel so the following places are incredible sources of information on RX7’s:


19 thoughts on “How-To / Tech”

  1. Does anyone know whether this clutch would be awesome? It seems to be the same as the exedy but cheaper (off eBay) and has a koyo bearing which I think is an upgrade. I did notice it seems to be missing the pilot bearing seal.

    Is this the same as this?

    I notice that the one straight from exedy is more expensive and it seems to also include the seal with the pilot bearing based on the picture.

    would it also be advisable to order the koyo pilot bearing?

    1. Please help me……I am in desperate need of some knowledge on my 1987 RX7…..I did an engine swap to a 350 Chevy high performance engine. Can you please contact me and tell me were the next meeting is for the Edmonton RX 7 club …please .
      Email me ..or call 780-850-6404… my name is Brent Robinson

  2. How do you remove the dash to replace a heater core on an 85 RX7. Have all the service manuals but cannot find any reference to this topic. Tried YouTube and found vague results.

  3. 2nd gen rx7 used parts for sale. Stock carbon fiber hood by, borla stainless exhaust,rear camber kit,new crossed drilled slotted rotors, pacesetter header, airfuel gauge and pod, 89 fuel pump, ichibahn steering wheel and shift knob, and much more. Email for picture.

  4. I am looking to buy a hood and door moldings for my fc a buddy told me to ask you guys if anyone has these parts email me thanks

  5. i would recommend you start by cleaning up the under belly of your car.. then after you park you will be able to follow the path of where the oil came from.

  6. hey, my 95 rx-7 is leaking oil. I cant exactly locate where its coming from, kinda near the tranny, Its not alot but just a couple of drips after its been parked for an hour or so. Any suggestions?

  7. Hi I’m new to the rx7 world I’ve got a leaking oil cooler I’m pretty sure it’s the line. I’m not sure where I could get a new line from. If it the cooler fittings I have a welder that said he could fix it.

  8. Just changed my alternater and starter on 88 rx7 and it still wont fire. Makes a whining sound when trying to start as well. Any solutions?

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