Edmonton RX-7 Club Road Rally Scavenger Hunt!

2015 Edmonton RX-7 Club Road Rally

RX7 Club members only
It’s a road rally – the “checkpoints” are picture opportunities worth x points
It’s a picture scavenger hunt.
It’s a reason to go bombing around town in your cars. What more reason do you need?
May 31, 2015 – 1200 – 2000
Greater Edmonton Area
Starts at Hawrelak Park @ noon
Ends at Famosos Christies Corner @ 1800
The F*** Not?

Further Information
The 1st Edmonton RX7 Car Club Road Rally is a picture scavenger hunt. Each team/vehicle will be given a list of 49 potential pictures to collect. The pictures will be grouped by difficulty and assign points accordingly. There will be 7 groups of 7 pictures with the maximum points per picture being 7 and the remainder incrementally less.
The goal is to collect as many pictures as possible in the ~6 hours available. At the end of the event, the team with the highest picture collection points total will win.
A smartphone is highly encouraged for this event as twitter will be used to collect all pictures.
There will be trophies & prizes for 1st through 3rd.

• Open to RX-7 Club members only.
• 12 vehicles MAX for the event.
• Rotary cars only (this rule may be relaxed if event deadline approaching and 12 vehicles not registered)
• One Twitter account per vehicle mandatory (smartphone use highly encouraged)
• All pictures must be tagged with #YEG_RX7 & caption of scavenger item in order to qualify for points
• NOT a race or timed event
• DL of all vehicle drivers must remain in sealed envelope in Glove compartment (or similar) for entire duration of event. Broken envelope seal will result in event DQ. This means all Alberta Traffic Act rules must be obeyed.

All rules subject to change.

Event Registration: msreg.com/rx7-hunt

A primer on how the event will be run along with exact locations and times has been posted on the clubs Facebook events page. Should you be participating in this event and not have a Facebook account – leave a comment and we’ll figure something out.

Changes Incoming

Howdy! An introduction is probably in order. I’m McTinkerson, Event Coordinator of the Edmonton RX-7 Car Club. I’ve taken it upon me to keep this site updated as well as get events going for 2015. There will be TSD-esque road rallys (at least 1 – depending on interest as many as 3), cruises, meetups at Castrol Raceway for the road race, drag and drift events. The usual weekly get-togethers are still going. The club as a whole has also been open to garage days where we all get together have a BBQ and work on our cars. Between all members of the club – there’s is enough knowledge to field a rotary powered race team in ANY Motorsport discipline.

In regards to the website, I’ll be giving it an overhaul over the next month. Any input for what you would like to see from the clubs online presence is welcome.

I will be posting events both here and on our Facebook Page simultaneously.

That’s it for now.

Racing on the Runways

NASCC is once again hosting their event “Racing the Runways, July 28 & 29, 2012

Registration is now open and the deadline to receive registration is July 4 2012.  If you do not have a fully prepped race car you can take part in the Exotic/Sport Lapping group, which is only $100 a day or 2 days for $160

for more info and registration http://nascc.ab.ca/racing/forms-and-downloads/ remember deadline is July 4, 2012.

remember to fill both the registration form and the CFB Base Access form.

Annual General Meeting – May 21

A date and time has been set for our Annual General Meeting.  It will take place on May 21st, at Bonanza Buffet at 13:30 (1:30pm), 5420 Calgary Trail South.

All Officers/key members are required to be there to for decisions to be voted in.  Anyone else who would like to become a member/participate in our club is also welcome to attend.

The time on Monday is flexible, and if it changes it will be updated here an on the forum post.  An alternate date may also be set for the weekend after if need be.

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