Changes Incoming

Howdy! An introduction is probably in order. I’m McTinkerson, Event Coordinator of the Edmonton RX-7 Car Club. I’ve taken it upon me to keep this site updated as well as get events going for 2015. There will be TSD-esque road rallys (at least 1 – depending on interest as many as 3), cruises, meetups at Castrol Raceway for the road race, drag and drift events. The usual weekly get-togethers are still going. The club as a whole has also been open to garage days where we all get together have a BBQ and work on our cars. Between all members of the club – there’s is enough knowledge to field a rotary powered race team in ANY Motorsport discipline.

In regards to the website, I’ll be giving it an overhaul over the next month. Any input for what you would like to see from the clubs online presence is welcome.

I will be posting events both here and on our Facebook Page simultaneously.

That’s it for now.


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