Who We Are

Founded in 1994, the Edmonton RX-7 Car Club originated as a way to bring RX-7s and local motor-sport events closer together.  Since then, we have diversified into a club for rotary enthusiasts of all kinds.  Whether you drive a REPU, RX-3, RX-4, RX-7, Cosmo, RX-8, a homemade rotary kit car, plane, contraption, or maybe you just share an interest in them, we’d be happy to see you come out.

We previously have hosted non-competitive, ‘show up and drive’ Auto-X events year ‘round at the Edmonton Garrison.  Yes, our events have happen all yearlong, and anyone could come out and participate in any type of car they choose.  We are currently actively seeking a new venue to continue to allow us to host events.

If you have never done one before, our events are a great way to get a taste of what an Auto-X is.  They`re also an excellent way to learn the limits of your vehicle, in a variety of weather conditions, while maintaining a safe and legal environment.

We’re not just about motor-sports, though.  You’ll find us out and about the greater Edmonton area; taking part in Show ‘n Shines, club cruises, and Friday night gatherings.  Our members have a wealth of technical knowledge to share, and what we don’t know we make up for with enthusiasm.

We are very active on Social Media.

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